Quarterdeck® Restaurants

Our goal at the Quarterdeck has always been to deliver great tasting food and beverages at a competitive price in a fun, neighborhood environment. What sets us apart? Our Master Sushi Chef ensures the highest quality, freshest fish you can get. Corporate Chef, Kevin McCarthy, visits each store on a weekly basis creating new menu items, improving current items, and conducting regular tastings to ensure consistency and food quality while interacting directly with the chefs and kitchen managers. Our extensive wine and craft beer menu to pair with our customers favorite dishes. And our Spirit Master has crafted the finest cocktails to delight our customers' palate. Our reasonably priced dishes rival the most upscale, expensive restaurants, in our neighborhoods. Finally, each Quarterdeck® has a casual atmosphere with no less than 40 TVs and is a great place to grab a gourmet burger, served over 500 different ways. Please pop in and find out for yourself why our award-winning Quarterdeck® Restaurants are a favorite of South Floridians.

Since I first opened the doors of the very first location in the 80's, I knew we had created something special, something uniquely South Florida.  We look forward to its future, which includes plans for expansion and redevelopment.

Paul Flanigan.

The “Quarterdeck” name was created in 1966 with the opening of the Big Daddy’s Liquor Store and Lounge on Cordova Road, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Paul’s uncle, Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan. The lounge was nicknamed the “Quarterdeck” by Big Daddy, and by that name it has been known for 50 years. The word quarterdeck in general refers to the stern area of a ship reserved for ceremonial use, but the name “Quarterdeck” has become synonymous with great tasting food and beverages served in a fun, neighborhood atmosphere.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they met their spouse at the Quarterdeck or that we have sponsored their class reunions.  50 years is a long time. We now hire some high school students whose parents worked at the Quarterdeck location when they were young!

Paul Flanigan.

More than 50 years later, we remain driven by the same old school, neighborhood values upon which we have built our success.

Frank Zaffere and I opened the second Quarterdeck® on Fort Lauderdale Beach in 1995.  We outlasted every restaurant in the area, except another staple of the community, the Elbo Room. We have 21 years of continuing operations; through five hurricanes and three recessions, we have stayed true to our old school values.

One of the biggest changes for the Quarterdeck® has been our addition of sushi as a major menu item.  We were ahead of time in incorporating this into the Quarterdecks, and it has really paid off as our customers have loved having this option on our menu. It’s really the ultimate health option. We have an old school approach when it comes to quality service, customer satisfaction, and value, but we always have their eyes open for new trends that our customers crave, like sushi. Right now that's Classic Cocktails. We believe we have the best Old Fashioned in the area. Because of economies of scale, we can deliver the highest quality sushi and Classic Cocktails at a very reasonable prices.

Quarterdeck® has been a South Florida favorite for decades. We have served more than 1.5 million Dolphin Sandwiches and 1 million Full Rack of Rib dinners – that’s more that 13 million bones! We spent years building a great reputation, and we intend to continue to  evolve to meet our customer’s needs.

Like many in the local area, and maybe more so than most, I grew up in the Quarterdeck® over the years, The Quarterdeck® has become a staple of the community, and I am proud to be part of it and to continue the Quarterdeck® tradition for many years to come.

James Flanigan, Paul’s son and partner.

Our Team

The patriarch of the Quarterdeck family, Paul purchased Quarterdeck from Flanigan’s Enterprises, Inc. in 1986, and he partnered with Flanigan’s for close to a decade, opening and managing a number of Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill franchise and company units.  

Frank is a long-time business partner and friend of his fellow Notre Dame alumni, Paul Flanigan and Joe Zebrowski. His introduction to the restaurant industry began in 1992 when, within five days of his arrival in South Florida, he was employed as a busboy at the first Quarterdeck.

James has worked in the restaurant industry since he was an early teenager, shadowing his father, Paul, and helping out with odds and ends around the Quarterdeck and other local bars and restaurants. He has worked from the proverbial ground floor up and has worked – or at least

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