Camp Fiesta Camper’s @ QD Sawgrass

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Each summer,  a group of children between the ages of 7-17 become stronger physically, as well as emotionally. They enjoy Camp Fiesta’s 9-day, fun filled sleep–away camp where independence away from home and family environment is encouraged. Camp Fiesta is South Florida’s first and largest camp for children with cancer and is located in Broward County’s beautiful Birch State Park, under full medical supervision. In 1991, Camp Fiesta underwent a major expansion, allowing a greater number of cancer-stricken children, not only from the CCCC, but from other hospitals as well, to participate in this outstanding camp.

Camp Fiesta features a wide range of activities including swimming, sports, arts and crafts, canoeing, fishing, and their annual trip to our Sawgrass Quarterdeck for delicious food and good times!

Quarterdeck has hosted Camp Fiesta for over 10 years and it is an absolute pleasure each and every time!

Below is a link to Camp Fiesta’s website as well as some pictures from their camper’s last visit to our Quarterdeck in Sawgrass.
Quarterdeck | Seafood Bar & Neighborhood Grill

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